Updated 24-Mar-2020 with new ebooks from Andrew Burr

How to download and install the e-books

Welcome to the third release of the ministry of the recovery and Hymns and Spiritual Songs (1962) [English, Deutsch & Dutch... Italiano in progress] for e-readers.

There are two formats available, supporting all the most common reader devices:

  1. EPUB Suitable for many readers, including Apple's iBooks which works a treat on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch [ Ministry | Hymns ]
  2. MOBI Specifically for the Amazon Kindle, although it will work on many other devices too [ Ministry | Hymns ]

Don't have a reader and don't know which one to get? Here's a (very out of date) comparison of the iPad 1 with the Kindle 3.

If you're regularly travelling or commuting and want to read the ministry on the move, I recommend the Kindle Paperwhite Whiteproof (£119).

  Model Screen Price Comments Pros Cons
Kindle Paperwhite Waterproof 6” backlit e-ink £119.99

Great e-reader

If you are mainly using it for reading the ministry, this is the one for you.

  • Cheap
  • No distractions
  • Easy to hold in one hand
  • Weeks of battery life
  • Can only read books
Apple iPad Mini 7.9” colour retina £399

Apple tablet

Apple products are very well designed and intuitive to use. The iBook reader is very good, offering bookmarking, highlighting and excellent navigation, and you'll be able to read email and browse the web too.

  • Sharp, bright screen
  • Compact size
  • Expensive

So you've bought a reader and want to read the ministry on it?

Easy! Follow the simple steps below!

Amazon Kindle

  1. Download the MOBI format ministry (now available MOBI format Hymns too!)
  2. Unzip the file on your Desktop - it should create a single "ministry" folder with subfolders for servants
  3. Attach your Kindle via the supplied USB cable
  4. Drag the ministry folder that you created and drop it onto the documents folder on Kindle drive or device (the ministry has to sit underneath the documents folder)
  5. Wait for the files to copy, then disconnect the Kindle
  6. When it powers up, you should see all the ministry! If not, email Support!

Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch

The great thing about iTunes is that once you have the Books on your computer, you can sync the whole lot to all three of these devices (if you own more than one) and it actually works pretty well on them all.

Pre-requisite: Download iTunes 12.

Now you're ready to download and install the ebooks:

  1. Download the EPUB format ministry (now available EPUB format Hymns too!)
  2. Unzip the file on your Desktop - it should create a single "ministry" folder with all the epub files inside
  3. Fire up iTunes
  4. Drag the "ministry" folder onto iTunes (you should see the progress bar at the top as it copies the books)
  5. If you look under "Books" you will see all the ministry — which you can read within iBooks on the Mac/PC if you wish
  6. Now attach your first device (e.g. iPad or iPhone) and wait for iTunes to recognise it
  7. In the new version of iTunes, your device will appear at the top of the screen, top left, just left of the ellipsis (...) and if you have several devices attached (e.g. over Wifi), the dropdown list will contain each one, just click on the first device
  8. Look down the left Summary, Apps... Books! Click on Books
  9. Tick Sync Books checkbox and leave “All books” radio button selected
  10. Click the Sync button at the bottom and wait!
  11. After sync'ing, go to your device (disconnect if using a cable), push the iBooks app and you should see all the ministry! If not, email Support!
  12. (Repeat steps 7 - 12 if you have another Apple device sync'd with iTunes)

Android-based devices

  1. Download the EPUB format ministry (now available EPUB format Hymns too!)
  2. Unzip the file on your Desktop — it should create a single "ministry"
  3. Connect your Android device by USB cable and it will appear as a new drive
  4. Drag the ministry folder from your Desktop to the new drive that appeared
  5. While the files are copying, go to the Play store on your Android device and search for Aldiko (or find your own Android ereader app).
  6. Install Aldiko and Open
  7. Once all the files have copied to the device, you can Import them into Aldiko by clicking on the menu at the top left, select Files
  8. Browse to the ministry folder, then at the top right tap Select All
  9. The menu option changes to Import, tap this
  10. Aldiko will import all the volumes in two or three minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are the Indexes available as ebooks?

    No. Some of these volumes are still Copyrighted.

  2. Can I get the Bible for my ereader?


    • Kindle? Try our new JND Bible for Kindle. If you have a Paperwhite 2 or newer, Footnotes are not always working correctly... we're working on it.
    • All other devices? — We would recommend that you download Bible specific software - which works far better as a concordance and reader. The best Bible software is definitely Olive Tree, and you can run it on any of the above platforms. Even better: it's free! (Software and Darby & KJV Bibles)

  3. How can I relate the page numbers in the ebook to the physical page numbers?

    There isn't currently a way of doing this. I have thought about adding an index page to each volume with the links to the physical page numbers.

  4. I have found mistakes in the text from the scanning process... how do I let you know?

    Simple! Send an email to support@goodteaching.org and you will receive an automated reply with a ticket number. Once the mistake has been corrected you will receive a reply.

    • Subject — Please include the volume in the Subject line (e.g. JND V45)
    • Body — Please re-type a portion of the incorrect text so that we can find it in the volume, and then add the correction. We will confirm against the original printed volume.
    • It would be helpful if you would send an individual email for each mistake, even if they are in the same volume. The automated ticket system assigns each one a number so it's easy to track.
    • We will release a new “build” of the ebooks once a year with the corrections.